Can I move my phone somewhere else?

Yes, you can! Our SmartVox platform works from just about anywhere where you can plug your phone into power and plug it into network. Note that some phone models (namely the Cisco SPA525G2 and some Grandstream models) have wifi capabilities, … Read More

Setting up Wifi on Cisco SPA525G2

To set up wifi on the phone (note that this must be performed without a network cable plugged into the phone): Press Menu button (looks like a document with folded corner) Go to option 8, “Network Configuration” and press center … Read More

How to use Grandstream Wave

Grandstream Wave is a mobile device application that allows you to use your mobile phone, tablet, or other device as an extension of your SmartVox phone system. This means your mobile phone has an app running on it that is … Read More

What are SIP Timers?

SIP Timers T1, B, and F are used to determine mainly how long it takes for the remote device to respond before the sender considers it a timeout. 32 seconds is a very common number to see for things for … Read More

What is the call quality like?

VoIP uses digital circuits (unlike the analog circuits that traditional telephone service uses) to provide 100% quality across the line. In fact, using one of our VoIP phones may even sound a little weird to you at first, since the … Read More

How long does it take to switch over? Do I have to do anything special?

The conversion process is straightforward, but there are a few things that are beyond our direct control. If you are getting new service and not porting any old phone numbers over, then the process can be very fast – it … Read More

Is there an extra fee for long-distance? What about taxes and surcharges?

All calls to numbers anywhere in the United States and Canada are included at no additional cost. That means all local and all long-distance is included for free. International calls can be made at a per minute rate but require … Read More

Can I keep my old number? Can I get new ones? What about toll-free?

Yes, you can almost always keep an existing number (we have to say “almost” because we cannot guarantee that your old number will be able to port to our service, but we have never run into a case where it … Read More

How is it billed? Per line? Per person? Per phone?

SmartVox VoIP is not like traditional phone service; there is no limitation to the number of calls that you can make and no limitation to how many phone numbers you can have. So the concept of a “phone line” no … Read More

Do I have to get new phones?

Yes, you need VoIP phones to use SmartVox service. VoIP phones look and act like normal desktop phones, but they connect to your office network, not the phone jacks. You may already have compatible VoIP phones from a previous installation, … Read More