VoIP uses digital circuits (unlike the analog circuits that traditional telephone service uses) to provide 100% quality across the line. In fact, using one of our VoIP phones may even sound a little weird to you at first, since the call quality is noticeably better than traditional analog telephone service. Sometimes, it’s a even a little eerie; like someone is standing really close to you while talking in your ear.

Be aware though – everything that uses your Internet connection will compete with bandwidth for your voice traffic. So unless you have modern networking equipment that will let you prioritize voice traffic, then tasks such as transferring large files, working on remote desktops, or streaming media (among others) may affect your voice call quality. We can work with you to minimize these issues.

But if you’re not 100% satisfied with your SmartVox service within the first 30 days, we’ll make it right or we’ll pick up the phones from you (or pay for the return shipping) and give you 101% of your money back. It’s that simple. And for the record, no one has ever taken us up on that offer.