Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIPOur SmartVox Hosted VoIP platform is the perfect tool to help you grow your business, service your customers, work with your partners, and save you serious money on your phone bill. It’s not just a tagline; you really do get enterprise class phone service and features at warehouse club prices with SmartVox.

Easy Billing

Service is based on the number of phones, not the number of lines, calls, or minutes. This makes budget planning as easy as counting chairs.

Infinite Possibilities

Each phone can make multiple phone calls, use an infinite number of phone numbers, and has speed dial, directory, monitor, and call pick-up features built in, plus more!

Always What You Need

Gone are the days of one phone per line, one line per phone; use as many numbers, simultaneous calls, and phones as you need and you only pay for capacity you use.  Also gone are the days of paying extra for features that we include at no additional charge!

Easy Planning

You pay for each seat, not per minute, per line, per call, or per phone number, making it easier to plan for today, as well as tomorrow.

Personalized Call Flow

SmartVox works with you to develop the right call flow including time-of-day routing, voice menus, announcements, ring groups, queues, voicemail and more.  They’re your phones; they should do what you want them to do.

No Weird Fees

We charge New York sales tax if we have to, otherwise you pay nothing else; no taxes, fees, surcharges, recovery charges, or any of those other weird fees you see – and wonder about – on your current phone bill.

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