Mission Matrix

Onsite IP-PBXPart of our mission is to help nonprofit organizations and veteran-owned businesses. Our Mission Matrix program is our flagship revenue sharing program to help us accomplish that mission by returning a portion of our revenues to the non-profits and businesses that brought it to us in the first place. Here's a brief look at how the Mission Matrix program works.

Earn 10% cash back

You help us keep our advertising costs down by referring business to us and we pass the savings back to you! If you’re a non-profit or veteran-owned business, 10% of all revenue generated by referrals from you goes back to you as a credit on your SmartVox account.

You're already eligible

All non-profit organizations and veteran-owned businesses, regardless of size, structure, or tax category, can be part of the Mission Matrix program. All you have to do is be a SmartVox customer, so you can honestly recommend our services to your colleagues.

Unlimited Potential

Does your non-profit have a large board? Refer them all! If your veteran-owned business works with other businesses, tell them all about SmartVox! You could even end up making money, since once you’ve earned a 100% credit on your account, we’ll start sending you checks instead!

Simple and Straighforward

Tell your directors, patrons, donors, vendors, and colleagues about SmartVox. If one or all become SmartVox customers, your business will receive 10% of each of their monthly bills. Every month. And not just for the first five or 10 months. For every month they’re SmarVox customers. We won’t even ask for a tax receipt.  By doing our advertising for us, we can keep our expenses low and pass those savings on to our customers.

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