About SmartVox

SmartVox has been providing small businesses and non-profit organizations with reliable VoIP communications and services since before we were even known as SmartVox. Learn a little about our history and become part of our future.

A Long Time Ago

Our parent company, Bitnetix, was asked to install VoIP business phones for some of our IT clients. VoIP phone installations became a small part of the larger suite of services we offered. This 1st generation platform would later be spun off into SmartVox.


In 2007, our 2nd generation platform allowed us to grow our technical infrastructure and help more small businesses grow and nonprofits achieve their missions. We chose to focus on smaller businesses, as we wanted to be a part of their successes.


In 2011, we moved our VoIP service to the cloud and started our 3rd generation platform. In 2012, we outgrew our original office and moved to High Tech Rochester.


In 2013, SmartVox was officially launched on our 4th generation platform as a separate division of Bitnetix. We continued our commitment to help small businesses and non-profits and announced our Mission Matrix program; a way for non-profits and veteran-owned businesses to generate alternative, recurring revenue streams.


Our SmartVox Voice over IP platform has been up for 99.985% of the past three years. That’s better than some major services! Our Mission Matrix program has given thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations. SmartVox provides a reliable, expandable, and future-proof communications system for hundreds of customers. We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and give 110% to our customers.