Onsite Systems

Onsite IP-PBX Prefer to house your phone system on-site? A SmartVox installed VoIP system is like having our cloud-based, Hosted VoIP platform right in your office. Recommended for larger installations, this is a cost-effective way to have all of the same features and benefits of our Hosted platform, but managed on your site by either your team or ours.

Easy Planning & Billing

Unlike our hosted service, once you’ve purchased the equipment, you only pay for monthly VoIP service from SmartVox as per our SIP Trunking service, making capacity planning as easy as counting phones.

Always What You Need

SmartVox provides as many phone numbers, calls, phones, extensions, and voicemail boxes as your business needs. Get only what you need, pay only for what you actually use.

Easy Technology

We’ll design a system that integrates with what you have, leverages any existing telephone connectivity, and uses our self-healing VoIP platform to fill in any blanks.

Infinite Possibilities

Unlike other VoIP providers, SmartVox doesn’t limit what your phone (or our service) can do. See all of our features here.

Personalized Call Flow

SmartVox works with you to develop the right call flow including time-of-day routing, voice menus, announcements, ring groups, queues, voicemail and more.

No Weird Fees

If you’re a taxable business in New York, we have to charge New York sales tax. Otherwise your bill is as simple as a fast food receipt. No other taxes, fees, surcharges, recovery nonsense, or any of those other weird fees you see on your current phone bill.

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