• Work. Anywhere.

    Your business can be anywhere.
    Even when you can’t.

  • Enterprise Class Features

    Warehouse club prices.
    Over 50 Premium Features. All included, free.

  • Mission Matrix Program

    Non-profit or veteran-owned?
    Earn recurring bonuses on referrals.


Are you happy with your phones? Their features? The cost?

If not, then check out what SmartVox offers your business or non-profit organization.

It’s All In There

All inbound and outbound calls, local and long distance anywhere in the United States and Canada, are included. Talk all you want – we refuse to charge you more. Plus, enjoy every possible feature at no additional cost.

Transfer your existing numbers and we’ll take care of everything.

Capital Expense Optional

Some SmartVox hosted VoIP service plans include phones, eliminating additional expenses. You get a nice, low monthly phone bill with none of those weird charges and fees that you see from your current provider.

If you have compatible equipment or purchase phones from us, you’ll get an even lower monthly bill, still with none of those weird charges and fees.

No Boundaries

Feel free to put your phones where you need them, even temporarily. You should be able to work where you want to. Working from home? Unplug the work desk phone and plug it in at home. SmartVox phones can be placed anywhere that has Internet and power and it will “just work.” No firewalls, no VPNs, no hassle.

Flexibility is the name of the game.

Share the Love

SmartVox wants to make the world a better place. Non-profits and veteran-owned businesses can earn bonuses through our Mission Matrix program. Simply refer a customer to us and we’ll say thanks by giving you back a portion of the recurring revenue from the referral.

We also donate up to 15% of our profits back to community organizations.

We like to give.

SmartVox is powered, in part, by the following technologies: