What are SIP Timers?

SIP Timers T1, B, and F are used to determine mainly how long it takes for the remote device to respond before the sender considers it a timeout. 32 seconds is a very common number to see for things for … Read More

Phone Manuals

PDF Manuals for each phone model are available directly from Cisco. … Read More

What do the Buttons on my Phone do?

Do Not Disturb (DND) The DND button will tell all inbound calls that you are busy and do not wish to be disturbed. When activated, you will hear a long stutter dial tone when you place a call. DND causes … Read More

How do I transfer a call?

While on a call, press the XFER button. The original call will be placed on hold and you will hear a dialtone. Dial the extension or phone number that you wish to transfer the call to and press the DIAL … Read More

Creating Conference Calls

To create a conference call, dial the first party that you wish to speak to. Once you are on the phone with them, press the soft key labeled CONF. The first call will be placed on hold and the caller … Read More

How do I make a telephone call?

Your phone may have access to 2, 3, 4, or 5 digit “internal” dialing to reach another party by their internal extension. To call these other extensions, simply dial the extension number. Your phone will automatically dial once the correct … Read More

How do I answer a call?

When your phone rings, you can pick up the handset, press the speakerphone button, or use the headset button if you have an optional headset plugged into the phone’s headset jack. If your phone has multiple line or call presence … Read More

How do I end a call?

Hanging up the current call can be accomplished by replacing the handset back onto the phone cradle, or pressing the speakerphone or headset button if you are using the speakerphone or headset. Please note that the handset must be on … Read More

Last Number Redial

Press the REDIAL button. You can then select the number you wish to redial and then press the DIAL button, lift the handset, press the speakerphone or headset button to start the call.

Changing Between Handset and Speakerphone During a Call

At any time, you can change between handset, speakerphone, and headset by pressing the appropriate button. Note that if the handset is placed on the phone during a call, the call will be terminated unless the speakerphone or headset button … Read More