To set up wifi on the phone (note that this must be performed without a network cable plugged into the phone):

  • Press Menu button (looks like a document with folded corner)
  • Go to option 8, “Network Configuration” and press center “checkmark” button
  • Press “right arrow” to enable wifi (it will show a blue check mark)
  • Under the screen, press the “Set” button to apply changes
  • Press down to go to “Wi-Fi Configuration” then press the center “checkmark” button
  • Choose option 1, “Wireless Profile” and press the center “checkmark” button
  • Underneath the screen, press the “scan” button
  • Use the arrow buttons to select the correct network (do not press checkmark button)
  • Note: It only scans for a few seconds, so you may need to press scan again to have it find your network
  • Once you have selected the proper network, press the “add” button under the screen
  • Change “security mode” to “WPA2 PSK” (this may be different for your particular network) with left/right buttons
  • Scroll down to “WPA Shared Key” and use the keypad to enter the Wifi Password
  • Note: This previous step is VERY AWKWARD on the phone keypad, so be patient
  • It’s like old school texting – press the number button multiple times to select number, letter, or uppercase.
  • Special characters are in the 1, *, 0, and # slots if you press them multiple times.
  • Go slow, wait for the keypress to be added to the screen, and if you make a mistake, use the “delChar” to backspace
  • When done, press the “save” button under the screen

You should now have two profiles – one for your network and one for cisco-voice.  You can leave cisco-voice or you can select it and delete it, it’s up to you. Select your network profile and press the “connect” button under the screen If everything goes right, you should be connected to your wifi network.

If you are not connected, go back to the network profile, select “option” under the screen, and then “edit” with the arrow keys and checkmark. Often the “Cipher type” needs to be changed from “TKIP” to “AES CCMP” which you can do with menu buttons, and then “Save” Then try the connect again.

If it still does not work, start over by deleting the profile, scanning, and entering wifi password over again.

This process is a PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE, but we cannot do this remotely; it must be done from the keypad of the phone.  If you still have problems, contact your network administrator and ask to confirm what you should be using for the following:

  • SSID: (your network name)
  • Security Mode: (typically WPA2 PSK)
  • Cipher Type: (either TKIP or AES)
  • WPA Shared Key: (this is your wifi password)

More complex wifi networks are possible, but beyond the scope of this document for setup.

Should have you have problems, feel free to contact us at