Last Number Redial

Press the REDIAL button. You can then select the number you wish to redial and then press the DIAL button, lift the handset, press the speakerphone or headset button to start the call.

Changing Between Handset and Speakerphone During a Call

At any time, you can change between handset, speakerphone, and headset by pressing the appropriate button. Note that if the handset is placed on the phone during a call, the call will be terminated unless the speakerphone or headset button … Read More

Muting and Placing a Call on Hold

Muting a Call Pressing the MUTE button while on a call will mute the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you. Placing a Call on Hold Pressing the HOLD button while on a call will put the call … Read More

Call Pick-Up

Your phone may or may not be part of one or more call pick-up groups. If it is, then this feature will allow you to pick up a call that is ringing at another phone that is a member of … Read More

How to check voicemail

If your Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light is on, or you hear a stutter dial tone when you place a call, then you have a message waiting in your voicemail. You can press the VOICEMAIL button or dial *97 to … Read More

How to Set up your Voice Mail

When your phone firsts arrives, it will have a voice mail button configured on it. This is the one that looks like an envelope, to the right of the “3” button. Pressing it will take you to your voice mail. … Read More

Which Plug is Network?

Most of our phones have two network plugs on the back. The one closest to the bottom of the phone is the one that should be plugged in to your network. The other one can be used to “daisy chain” … Read More