SmartVox VoIP is not like traditional phone service; there is no limitation to the number of calls that you can make and no limitation to how many phone numbers you can have. So the concept of a “phone line” no longer holds any real meaning. Instead, we charge by the “seat,” which in most cases, means by the phone. Often, it’s the same as the number of people, but not always. Here’s why.

We have two kinds of seats: primary seats, which is someone’s main phone on their desk, and secondary seats, which are phones that are secondary to the primary phone and are not likely to be used at the same time as the primary. Secondary seats are half the cost of primary seats. Everyone at your company (or common areas such as conference rooms) that gets a phone is getting a primary seat. People who work from multiple locations generally only have one primary seats. while the rest of their phones are secondary seats. An example might make it easier to understand.

Say you have a desk in an office and a home office in a spare bedroom. The office phone would be your primary seat and your home office phone would be your secondary seat. You can’t be in both places at once. However, if your spouse also works with you, and he or she generally works from home while you generally work from the office, then both seats would be primary, since it is very easy for both to be used simultaneously.

Mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets running the SmartVox mobile app can also be secondary seats. More details on mobile access is available on our services page.