Grandstream Wave is a mobile device application that allows you to use your mobile phone, tablet, or other device as an extension of your SmartVox phone system. This means your mobile phone has an app running on it that is your SmartVox phone, which allows you to separate personal from professional, yet fully integrate a personal mobile device into your professional phone system. This document outlines how to configure Grandstream Wave on a mobile device.

First, you will need to know your SmartVox extension number and password. Second, download and install the app. Then, start the app and follow the steps below to configure it for your SmartVox service:

  • Go to Settings, then Account Settings
  • Click + to add a new account
  • Scroll down and select “SmartVox”
  • Note: Do not modify any settings other than the ones below:
    • Make sure “Activate Account” is on, unless you want it off for now
    • Account Name: blank or any short name like SmartVox or ext number
    • SIP User ID: extension number (full 4 digits)
    • Password: copy/paste is the easiest way (text or email yourself the password)
    • Click checkbox to save (and activate)
  • There’s one thing that needs to be updated to make battery life more effective:
    • Click on newly created account
    • Scroll down to “Transmission Protocol”
    • Select and change to TCP
  • Click “back arrow” at top left until back at settings screen

You can now use the “keypad” in the middle of the bottom row to use the app as if it were one of your SmartVox extensions. Note that GS Wave is active at all times in the background, but you can go back into account settings, select the SmartVox account, and deactivate the account if you do not need it on. This will save battery. GS Wave will abide by your phone’s volume and do-not-disturb settings as well. If you give it proper permissions, it will have full access to your contacts list and calls history.