Spectrum Raises Prices.  Surprise?

Are you paying too much for phone service?

As you may be aware, Charter Communications purchased Time Warner Internet and has renamed the service under their Spectrum banner.  This means if you were paying Time Warner for cable, phone, or internet service, you’re now paying Spectrum.  In the process, they promised not to raise prices.

But they did.

Your bill for business phone services under Spectrum may be more than it was under Time Warner, and you may be okay with that.  Most people wouldn’t be.  Most people would rather pay less, get more features, and have more flexibility.  Enter SmartVox.

SmartVox Hosted VoIP platform is the perfect tool to help you grow your business, service your customers, work with your partners, and save you serious money on your phone bill. It’s not just a tagline; you really do get enterprise class phone service and features at warehouse club prices with SmartVox.

In fact, I’m so sure that we can beat whatever you’re paying for business phone service with Spectrum that I’ll even pay any contract termination fees to help you switch your phone service to SmartVox.

If you have any questions about SmartVox, this deal, or our service in general, feel free to ask one of our SmartReps by sending email to support@smartvox.com or checking out the myriad ways to contact us at smartvox.com/contact.  In the meantime, enjoy the summer!!

Founder and CEO