SmartVox phone service is powered by servers we operate in the Internet cloud.  Each server requires electricity to function and some of that electricity is wasted as heat.  By using virtualization, we can create multiple virtual servers all sharing a single physical server.  That lets us combine multiple users onto a single piece of hardware, reducing power use, greenhouse gas emission, and heat generation (which must then be cooled).

SmartVox servers provide more than 96% reduction in electric consumption, heat generation, and AC requirements by packing 25 or more customers onto a single physical server.  That would be like your house and 24 of your neighbors all sharing the same power line without using more power.

How Virtualization Works: One physical server runs special software allowing it to be “carved up” into separate virtual servers. Each virtual server can be assigned different tasks or to different customers. Each virtual server gets its share of the physical server’s resources. Thus, each virtual server performs its task without impeding the other servers.

Happy Earth Day!