Zoiper has undergone many changes over the years since SmartVox first partnered with them to provide VoIP service. The newest Zoiper clients can easily be installed on your smartphone or mobile device with the scan of a QR code. Follow the instructions at this site to get connected quickly and easily.

If you’re running an older version, the following information may still apply.

Zoiper (Lite) is a mobile device application that allows you to use your mobile phone, tablet, or other device as an extension of your SmartVox phone system. This means your mobile phone has an app running on it that is your SmartVox phone, which allows you to separate personal from professional, yet fully integrate a personal mobile device into your professional phone system. This document outlines how to configure Zoiper for SmartVox on a mobile device.

You will need to know your SmartVox extension number and password. Second, download and install the app (you may need to search from the mobile app store, and you may need to use the “beta” version). Then, start the app and follow the steps below to configure it for your SmartVox service:

To Install Zoiper:

• Download Zoiper Lite (not the “Pro” or “Beta” versions) and start the app
• Click “Agree & Continue to accept the terms and conditions
• Skip the trial offer(s) and click “Yes” that you are aware you will be missing out on features
• Select “Providers List” when asked to set up an account
• Select “Next” that says you know you need an account (your SmartVox account!)
• Choose “United States” from the list of locales
• Click “Show More” and wait a moment for the list to be populated
• Scroll down to “SmartVox” (it is NOT in alphabetical order, but we’re towards the top)
• Click “Get Configuration” to download our configuration
• Enter your Extension number as the username
• Enter the password provided as the password (this is easiest if you email it or text it to your phone so you can copy/paste it into the app)
• Click “Allows Zoiper to make and manage phone calls” as well as access the microphone
• Click “Stop optimizing battery usage” if on Android
• Optionally (and recommended) allow Zoiper to set your phone’s Do-Not-Disturb mode. Click on “Ok,” choose Zoiper from the list of apps presented, and turn on the Do not disturb permission. You will then need to grant the permission specifically. Click on your phone’s “back” button and you will be back in Zoiper, ready to go
• Optionally (and recommended) click on the icon of a person’s head, turn on contact permissions, and grant permission for Zoiper to see your contacts

To turn your extension on or off:

  • Open Zoiper
  • Click on the “three line menu” at the top left
  • Click the down arrow next to SmartVox
  • Click to select or deselect the checkmark next to your “SmartVox” account
    • Green checkmark means the extension is active – calls will come in
    • Grey checkmark means the extension is not active – no calls will come in
  • Click anywhere outside the black box to close the window

Optional Settings

  • Open Zoiper
  • Click on the “three line menu” at top left
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Disable Google Analytics in the “Advanced” section
  • Change theme colors in the “Customize” section