Access to 712 area code restricted

The bad news: SmartVox is now prohibiting calls to specific numbers in the 712 area code that services western Iowa. The good news: You probably will never call these numbers.

Recently, a spate of “free conference call” and other “call pumping” services have sprung up, mostly using the 712 area code as their jumping off point. Unfortunately, as a result, we are temporarily restricting calls to all 712 area code numbers to avoid potential fraudulent calls being placed from our servers.

Should you require the ability to call a 712 area code phone number, please contact our support staff at and request the specific number(s) that you need access to. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working with our upstream providers to identify specific targets within the 712 area code that we can block, rather than the entire area code.

For more details, contact us using whatever way you prefer.