SmartText from SmartVox

Do you like text messaging on your mobile phone? Ever wish you could have it on your business phone, too? Well, now you can. With SmartText™ from SmartVox!

SmartText™ is a new service from SmartVox that allows us to activate SMS text messaging on your SmartVox provided business phone number (or numbers). Most numbers qualify, including some toll-free numbers, but there is always the chance that this service is not available in your area.

Once SmartText is activated on your account, each text sent to your number gets delivered to an email address of your choosing. If you reply to the email address, the message will be sent back to the original sender at a text message, looking like it came from your company phone number It’s like having a mobile phone for your company that lets people text you as well as call you!

Find out how to add SmartText to your SmartVox service