Mobile Devices

Any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop PC with internet connectivity can be turned into a SmartVox extension.  Simply choose an app from one of our partners (see below) and follow some simple setup that we'll provide. Within minutes, your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer is a full-fledged SmartVox phone!

You can expect the same level of service as with our traditional desktop phones, and you can expect the convenience of mobility and access from anywhere you have a wired, wifi, or cellular signal.*  It’s just like any other extension on our system, which means it could be shared with your main phone, a second extension that reaches you when you’re out of the office, or even your primary extension with its own separate voicemail.

The best part is that no one needs to know your mobile device number, because no one is actually calling it!  They’re just calling your normal work number and your mobile phone (or other device) just “rings” like a normal extension.  How cool is that?!

SmartVox has partnered with Grandstream, our preferred vendor for providing access to our platform via their Grandstream Wave free mobile app.  You can find it for IOS and Android.  For laptop/desktop use, we recommend (and use) Zoiper, which is also a free desktop application.  A third choice is Bria, though this is being phased out.  Regardless, once you have your app, let us know and we’ll hook you up with the configuration information you need and you can be up and running in minutes!

*The software can also work over a data connection, but wifi is unlimited and free.  These calls will not use your cellular minutes, but they may use part of your data usage if you are not on a wifi connection.  SmartVox takes no responsibility for cellular, mobile access, data, or other connection charges.

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