SPA Network JackMost of our phones have two network plugs on the back. The one closest to the bottom of the phone is the one that should be plugged in to your network. The other one can be used to “daisy chain” another device such as a PC, laptop, or even another phone. This allows you to plug your SmartVox phone into your network jack in the office, and then plug your PC (or other device) into your SmartVox phone. So if there is only a single network jack in your office that your PC is currently plugged in to, you can continue to use the one jack with your phone inserted “between” your PC and your network jack.

The picture to the right shows the proper network jack labelled with a red arrow. The other network jack is the daisy chain jack and the smaller jack towards the bottom of the phone is for the phone handset. The “channel” heading of to the side of the phone is to wind the handset cord through, to lessen the chances of it getting tangled.

Also, see this document if you’re trying to move your phone to a new location.